Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day off...............................what's that??????

Today was going to be my day off. Instead I finally dragged myself to gym and did a Pump class. My legs, chest and shoulders are really not liking me at the moment. Told them just to suck it up though!!!! Then I caught up with a g/f for brunch afterwards. And now I'm going out Saturday night with her to an 80's Prom night. So of course had to go shopping as well. So got a short red skirt, funky top and a real classy HSM handbag to go with it. Looking forward to it, haven't been out for ages. So will be nice to get out for a few hours and just enjoy a few drinks and lots of dancing. And now I've been called into work for this afternoon, which is cool. I'm actually starting to miss not going if I have a few days off. Time to start thinking about shifts though, only 2 more weeks of school, and then I'll be qualified!!!!!!!!

Healthy living is going okay too. Just had the most beautiful vegi burger while out. Need to get the recipe, won't hurt the family to start eating a little more vegetarian. I'm glad now that I cooked up some cannelloni on Sunday, will pull that out for tea at work tonight now. Much better than the usual bikkies and coffee I'd be having.

Well must get stuck into this housework if I'm to be at work in a couple of hours!!



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