Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year, New Me

Finally after 12 months of I'm going to do this, my head is now in the right place and I really am going to do this. So signed up for a 12 week challenge. Gone are the diets, and now just getting down to some good old fashioned healthy eating and exercise. I'm sick of feeling like I'm limiting myself to what I want to eat due to not enough calories for the day. So I'm going to simply eat 3 meals a day, with a snack between them all. Going to stick to healthy food. But not beat myself up if I have a treat either.

So back to gym on Monday, classes are the way to go for me, for the moment anyway. Just can't get the motivation up to do it on my own. So will be doing a combination of Pump, RPM and body balance once a week. With now doing night shifts, will do a simple walk for the days that gym just doesn't suit.

Had a really good Christmas, nice and relaxing. Got a new ring from Ben, and a nurses watch as well. So feel real professional now lol. Kids got me some really nice bath pampering sets. Haven't had a chance to really use them yet though. New Year's I worked night duty, so really quiet one for me!

Must go finish off the next week's meal plan. Will post tomorrow.

Take care


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