Monday, January 31, 2011

Catch up fashion industry

Cos larger women like to exercise too, and do it in comfort. Might seem a surprise to some people. But yes larger chested women, really like to feel comfortable while they are working out. And we do actually like to workout.

Guess who went to go buy a new sports bra today and had trouble finding one. Seems if you're a size 14D and below you just love to workout and do it in style. If you're a size above that, then you're left to your own devices. Found one company that do bras in larger sizes, unfortunately didn't fit the requirements I needed. Did find one after a bit of a search. Which I can tell you, in 30+ degrees with 2 overtired, bored kids, is not much fun. But I did succeed in the end. Playtex came to my rescue. The shop though, only had one in stock, otherwise I would have brought a couple. So now just another incentive to lose weight, try and get smaller so I can also wear nice pretty bras.

Things are going well. Skipped gym last week, hurt my groin on the Monday, so just resting it up. Didn't help trying to shop the day before Australia Day, seemed everyone thought that the supermarket isles were car parks, where you could just stop dead in the middle and knock those behind you over. Had a great Australia Day, very funny day. The boys figured out rollerblades, Jack Daniels and steep driveways don't mix well though!!!

Got my Lorna Jane singlet, fits nicely and looks good. Might just wear it to gym tonight. Planning on ordering some more, just lose another 10kg then I will.

Got a busy week of nights coming up. Then a week off work, at this stage. Will be nice to finally have some peace at home with both kids at school. I will feel lost no doubt though.

Okay must run, finish tidying the house, pray it doesn't rain before the washings dry and might sit down with some knitting.

Take care



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