Monday, January 17, 2011

Great week

What an awesome week. Lost 1.7 kg, got to gym 3 times, got my new program, and sore like crazy. Going with a friend, need the motivation. Have a great trainer, really knows how to push us to 110%. Legs aren't really liking the walk up the driveway though. And I did the program Friday!!! So back to it tomorrow.

Going to be a tough week this week, to stay focused and motivated. Tonight is night 1 of 4, then 1 night off and another 3. Good news after that though it, get a full week off. So plenty of time to catch up and rest. So trying to organise and plan some healthy snacks to take to work, to keep me going during the night. And then quick, easy and healthy lunches to have. Because I've got my 4 week rotating dinner menu, that's covered. Just have to juggle meals into the nights I'm working, which will make it easier for me to cook, without thinking too much.

Had another great workout at gym tonight. Does help having someone else pushing you along. Ordering a new HRM this week, mine is getting on a bit. Done well for the 3 years I've had it. Looking at the Polar HRM- FT4 Also going to put another order in for protein. Tired of being caught out all the time. Might even look at getting myself some Lorna Jane workout gear. Wanted to hold off til I got to goal weight. But might  shout myself just one singlet top. Need something to go with the new runners, which I got last week and the new HRM.

Well should think about heading to bed. Will be a long night otherwise.



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