Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mixed emotions

Should be in bed sleeping, but doing nothing other than tossing and turning. I have just come off 3 night's, which doesn't help. But I just can't get the poor people of QLD battling the floods at the moment. It is just so devastating. I'm getting a care package together tomorrow to send to a family. Just some toiletries and cleaning products, just feels like I should be doing more though.

If anyone else is interested join here Care packages for QLD flood victims and do what you can to help. So tonight my thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost property, lives and are just struggling through this tragedy.

On the flip side I'm having a great week. Got to RPM last night, of course first night back in a few months and I had to get my favourite instructor. What's wrong with this you ask, without even trying she pushes you to the point of wanting to throw up. Which is a good thing. But after doing 2 nights, having a 3rd one that night, I needed my legs to be working. Luckily it was a fairly quiet night, still busy, just not as much running around as usual.

Food is alright, not 100%, probably around 98%. Had about 6 smarties this afternoon, didn't follow the plan entirely yesterday and water was down a little today. Was going to go to Pump tonight, but was just so tired. Will do an hour of cardio at gym tomorrow instead. Ben commented today that I'm starting to look thinner. He can see it in my face. Which is normally the first place I lose the weight. So things are going really well at the moment. Falling into place.

Was going to post my weekly menu, just haven't got to it. Instead will do today's.

Breakfast: protein shake, this is after work.

Lunch: Ryvitas (4), with cottage cheese and tuna

Dinner: Roast lamb, with roast potato, carrots, beans, broccoli, corn, cauliflower and peas

Snacks: fruit and yoghurt.

Okay should really think about going to bed, otherwise my body clock will be all out of whack tomorrow. And I have 2 morning shifts coming up, which will probably kill me. Think it will be a struggle getting up at 5.30 in the morning.

Take care



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