Monday, January 31, 2011

Catch up fashion industry

Cos larger women like to exercise too, and do it in comfort. Might seem a surprise to some people. But yes larger chested women, really like to feel comfortable while they are working out. And we do actually like to workout.

Guess who went to go buy a new sports bra today and had trouble finding one. Seems if you're a size 14D and below you just love to workout and do it in style. If you're a size above that, then you're left to your own devices. Found one company that do bras in larger sizes, unfortunately didn't fit the requirements I needed. Did find one after a bit of a search. Which I can tell you, in 30+ degrees with 2 overtired, bored kids, is not much fun. But I did succeed in the end. Playtex came to my rescue. The shop though, only had one in stock, otherwise I would have brought a couple. So now just another incentive to lose weight, try and get smaller so I can also wear nice pretty bras.

Things are going well. Skipped gym last week, hurt my groin on the Monday, so just resting it up. Didn't help trying to shop the day before Australia Day, seemed everyone thought that the supermarket isles were car parks, where you could just stop dead in the middle and knock those behind you over. Had a great Australia Day, very funny day. The boys figured out rollerblades, Jack Daniels and steep driveways don't mix well though!!!

Got my Lorna Jane singlet, fits nicely and looks good. Might just wear it to gym tonight. Planning on ordering some more, just lose another 10kg then I will.

Got a busy week of nights coming up. Then a week off work, at this stage. Will be nice to finally have some peace at home with both kids at school. I will feel lost no doubt though.

Okay must run, finish tidying the house, pray it doesn't rain before the washings dry and might sit down with some knitting.

Take care



Monday, January 17, 2011

Great week

What an awesome week. Lost 1.7 kg, got to gym 3 times, got my new program, and sore like crazy. Going with a friend, need the motivation. Have a great trainer, really knows how to push us to 110%. Legs aren't really liking the walk up the driveway though. And I did the program Friday!!! So back to it tomorrow.

Going to be a tough week this week, to stay focused and motivated. Tonight is night 1 of 4, then 1 night off and another 3. Good news after that though it, get a full week off. So plenty of time to catch up and rest. So trying to organise and plan some healthy snacks to take to work, to keep me going during the night. And then quick, easy and healthy lunches to have. Because I've got my 4 week rotating dinner menu, that's covered. Just have to juggle meals into the nights I'm working, which will make it easier for me to cook, without thinking too much.

Had another great workout at gym tonight. Does help having someone else pushing you along. Ordering a new HRM this week, mine is getting on a bit. Done well for the 3 years I've had it. Looking at the Polar HRM- FT4 Also going to put another order in for protein. Tired of being caught out all the time. Might even look at getting myself some Lorna Jane workout gear. Wanted to hold off til I got to goal weight. But might  shout myself just one singlet top. Need something to go with the new runners, which I got last week and the new HRM.

Well should think about heading to bed. Will be a long night otherwise.



Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mixed emotions

Should be in bed sleeping, but doing nothing other than tossing and turning. I have just come off 3 night's, which doesn't help. But I just can't get the poor people of QLD battling the floods at the moment. It is just so devastating. I'm getting a care package together tomorrow to send to a family. Just some toiletries and cleaning products, just feels like I should be doing more though.

If anyone else is interested join here Care packages for QLD flood victims and do what you can to help. So tonight my thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost property, lives and are just struggling through this tragedy.

On the flip side I'm having a great week. Got to RPM last night, of course first night back in a few months and I had to get my favourite instructor. What's wrong with this you ask, without even trying she pushes you to the point of wanting to throw up. Which is a good thing. But after doing 2 nights, having a 3rd one that night, I needed my legs to be working. Luckily it was a fairly quiet night, still busy, just not as much running around as usual.

Food is alright, not 100%, probably around 98%. Had about 6 smarties this afternoon, didn't follow the plan entirely yesterday and water was down a little today. Was going to go to Pump tonight, but was just so tired. Will do an hour of cardio at gym tomorrow instead. Ben commented today that I'm starting to look thinner. He can see it in my face. Which is normally the first place I lose the weight. So things are going really well at the moment. Falling into place.

Was going to post my weekly menu, just haven't got to it. Instead will do today's.

Breakfast: protein shake, this is after work.

Lunch: Ryvitas (4), with cottage cheese and tuna

Dinner: Roast lamb, with roast potato, carrots, beans, broccoli, corn, cauliflower and peas

Snacks: fruit and yoghurt.

Okay should really think about going to bed, otherwise my body clock will be all out of whack tomorrow. And I have 2 morning shifts coming up, which will probably kill me. Think it will be a struggle getting up at 5.30 in the morning.

Take care



Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year, New Me

Finally after 12 months of I'm going to do this, my head is now in the right place and I really am going to do this. So signed up for a 12 week challenge. Gone are the diets, and now just getting down to some good old fashioned healthy eating and exercise. I'm sick of feeling like I'm limiting myself to what I want to eat due to not enough calories for the day. So I'm going to simply eat 3 meals a day, with a snack between them all. Going to stick to healthy food. But not beat myself up if I have a treat either.

So back to gym on Monday, classes are the way to go for me, for the moment anyway. Just can't get the motivation up to do it on my own. So will be doing a combination of Pump, RPM and body balance once a week. With now doing night shifts, will do a simple walk for the days that gym just doesn't suit.

Had a really good Christmas, nice and relaxing. Got a new ring from Ben, and a nurses watch as well. So feel real professional now lol. Kids got me some really nice bath pampering sets. Haven't had a chance to really use them yet though. New Year's I worked night duty, so really quiet one for me!

Must go finish off the next week's meal plan. Will post tomorrow.

Take care


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day off...............................what's that??????

Today was going to be my day off. Instead I finally dragged myself to gym and did a Pump class. My legs, chest and shoulders are really not liking me at the moment. Told them just to suck it up though!!!! Then I caught up with a g/f for brunch afterwards. And now I'm going out Saturday night with her to an 80's Prom night. So of course had to go shopping as well. So got a short red skirt, funky top and a real classy HSM handbag to go with it. Looking forward to it, haven't been out for ages. So will be nice to get out for a few hours and just enjoy a few drinks and lots of dancing. And now I've been called into work for this afternoon, which is cool. I'm actually starting to miss not going if I have a few days off. Time to start thinking about shifts though, only 2 more weeks of school, and then I'll be qualified!!!!!!!!

Healthy living is going okay too. Just had the most beautiful vegi burger while out. Need to get the recipe, won't hurt the family to start eating a little more vegetarian. I'm glad now that I cooked up some cannelloni on Sunday, will pull that out for tea at work tonight now. Much better than the usual bikkies and coffee I'd be having.

Well must get stuck into this housework if I'm to be at work in a couple of hours!!



Monday, November 15, 2010

Emotional Eating

The bitch I like to call emotional eating, is fighting to break free today. But I will be strong, and won't give in to her demands. Hard though, sitting here, wondering why I'm even bothering trying to become healthier. Hubby seems to be missing a pack of potato chips. I haven't touched them, didn't even know he had them actually. But of course because a 5 and 7 year old are denying it, so it must have been me. So if I do the right thing, I still get accused for doing the wrong thing. So tempting to just do the wrong thing, not worry about my health, as I don't seem to get any credit for doing a good job.

So needless to say, today has been tough. It hasn't been terrible, but it hasn't been great either. Was going to get to RPM tonight, after waking with a really sore throat, and nearly falling asleep throughout class during the day, didn't think it would be a great idea. Tomorrow will go for a walk when I get home from school though. Start with baby steps.

 Just having some roasted capsicum and tomato soup tonight, don't feel like much else. Already made up a garlic, ginger and chicken stir-fry for lunch tomorrow and will think about tea in the morning. Breakfast will be my all new favourite recipe. Protein powder, mixed with a cup of skim milk, handful of berries, or a banana and 1/4 cup of oats, whiz up in blender. Tastes sensational too, almost like porridge, but much tastier.

Okay time for a green tea, and fight off this bitch ;-)



Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sick of being a gunna

I'm sure we all know one of these in our lives. A 'gunna', gunna do so many different things, but never happens. Well I'm tired of being that person in my friends life's, so it's about time they found someone different. I've gotten real this week, got some great advice of a very special person in my life. Someone who understands the struggle of weight loss and food addiction, someone who has lost 50kg of their own, and is now a body builder and an awesome motivation.

So diet has been cleaned up, still had a couple of small things, but nothing major. And nothing that makes me just want to keep going with the binging and not stop. Next week I will start focusing on the exercise. As my now mentor told me, weight loss is 80% and 20% exercise, get your diet  under control, you'll get your life under control.

Tomorrow would normally be a really bad day for me. At TAFE all day, and then work 4.30- 9. I'm organised tonight though. I've made up a huge double batch of chicken stirfry, which I've eaten for tea, and got plenty for lunch tomorrow. I've also cooked up a small rolled roast lamb. In the morning I'll do a salad up throw in a handful of the lamb and there's tea done. Better than the KFC for lunch and nothing or just chocolate biscuits for tea, with lots of coffee.

Have also discovered a new addiction. A slice of lime or lemon in my drink bottle. Makes drinking the water so much easier and enjoyable.

Okay better go and get snuggles of hubby.