Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sick of being a gunna

I'm sure we all know one of these in our lives. A 'gunna', gunna do so many different things, but never happens. Well I'm tired of being that person in my friends life's, so it's about time they found someone different. I've gotten real this week, got some great advice of a very special person in my life. Someone who understands the struggle of weight loss and food addiction, someone who has lost 50kg of their own, and is now a body builder and an awesome motivation.

So diet has been cleaned up, still had a couple of small things, but nothing major. And nothing that makes me just want to keep going with the binging and not stop. Next week I will start focusing on the exercise. As my now mentor told me, weight loss is 80% and 20% exercise, get your diet  under control, you'll get your life under control.

Tomorrow would normally be a really bad day for me. At TAFE all day, and then work 4.30- 9. I'm organised tonight though. I've made up a huge double batch of chicken stirfry, which I've eaten for tea, and got plenty for lunch tomorrow. I've also cooked up a small rolled roast lamb. In the morning I'll do a salad up throw in a handful of the lamb and there's tea done. Better than the KFC for lunch and nothing or just chocolate biscuits for tea, with lots of coffee.

Have also discovered a new addiction. A slice of lime or lemon in my drink bottle. Makes drinking the water so much easier and enjoyable.

Okay better go and get snuggles of hubby.



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