Monday, August 30, 2010

Things are looking up..........

Or is that looking down. Seems I've managed to lose around 1kg over the last week. And considering I haven't gotten serious about getting healthy until the last couple of days, I think it's an awesome effort. Ate great today, didn't stray at all, not even for a small nibble. Was so hard at school though, with a few others getting hot chips with gravy for lunch. Didn't budge though, stuck to my salad sandwich and soup. Even organised enough to have made a salad with leftover roast pork for lunch tomorrow.

Went to gym straight from school today. Was a struggle though, was quite a slow boring day, so really couldn't be bothered going. Dragged myself there though, and feel awesome for doing it. Now enjoying my wine substitute in diet lime and soda. Have it in my wine glass, so I feel like I'm having a drink.

Am glad I decided to join up with Michelle, it's just the bit of motivation and support that I needed to get back on track. My supps arrived today, well I assume they did, have a sorry we missed you card, and that's the only thing I'm expecting. So will pick that up tomorrow. Bit more protein, hydroxycuts and chromium tablets, which will hopefully help with the cravings.

Well must go, kids are arguing about going to bed. Some days I feel like a UN negotiator, I'd be good at it anyway.



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