Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 1 for everything

Well have flown through the first day. Have stuck to my menu plan, even resisted Miss 5's crusts from her sandwich at lunchtime. And no emotional eating what so ever, even when the kids did push all day.

So now I'm just quietly sipping away on a protein shake, having just gotten home from RPM. 530 cals gone Max HR 181- 97% and average 161- 86%, and I'm feeling every last bit of it too. I was very close to the puking stage, I think one more sprint and that would've been the end of me. So hard trying to keep it together driving home, with the kids in the car. Last thing Master 7 and Miss 5 needed to see, is mum with her head out the window. Even worse, if the cops had driven past at all!!!

Got thinking though, just made a status update on FB, about the puking stage, and a g/f commented that she hoped I feel alright. Just struck me, that already I seem to have my fitness freak friends, who get what I meant. And on the other hand, I've got the friends, who honestly thought that I was sick. Didn't have the heart to tell her, that it's a good thing to puke after a workout, it's what you almost aim to achieve every time you step in that gym, or pull your runners on.

So day 1 is off to a fantastic start. It is even now day 1 of me not smoking anymore. I've known that I needed to stop, just one of those things I thought I would get to, once I'd sorted my food and exercise. On the way home from gym tonight though, the thought of ever having a cigarette again in my life, made me feel even worse. So what I had left in my packet has gone straight into the bin. And not another one is ever going to pass these lips of mine.

Righto must go cook some tea now, before it gets too late, and then work out what's on the menu for tomorrow.



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