Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Warning images may offend.

To be countable for the next 12 weeks, I've decided to do before, during and after photos. This is huge for me, literally putting it all out there. But it will make me think twice before anything goes through my lips that shouldn't. Will also post a piccie of my new boots. They just won't do up, so my goal is by the end of 12WBT I will be able to wear them.

Well for the news so far this week. It's going great. 45 mins cardio last night, Body Pump tonight. First time since the THR, felt fantastic being back again. Eating is going great guns as well. After school today, heated up some party pies, decided I was an idiot for doing it. So they went straight in the bin, and a tin of tuna and rice cakes came out instead.

So will be RPM tomorrow night, can't wait. Just love love love RPM!!!!!!!! So you could say things are just awesome at the moment. Life is really good, and about time too!

Well best post these pics and go get a green tea and curl up with my book for awhile.



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